10 Tips you need to know Before Buying above Ground Pool


You must go through the following 10 tips before buying an aboveground pool for your home.

  • Above ground pools include a pretty straightforward selection procedure. They are available in different shapes and sizes from round, rectangle and to oval. The size depends on the shape of the pool, the round ones are available from 10 to 33 feet diameter, the oval and rectangle pools are available from 12 to 20 feet width and 20 to 40 feet length. The normal depth of an over the ground pool is almost 48″.


  • You will need an open area in your house for the pool where there are no trees or bushes nearby. Also, find a spot where the rainwater drains away from the pool. Access to electricity and water resources is a must.


  • Make sure you follow your local rules and regulations about the above ground pool. Inquire about these codes and area requirements from the relevant department. These rules are mostly about the property lines, for example, your pool should be at a specific distance from the property lines and etc.


  • The pool fences can be made from different materials like aluminum, steel and wood. Each material offers different looks and purposes.


  • The above ground pool liners are one of the significant parts you need to consider carefully. Make sure to check the liners for repairs or replacements. The liners can be repaired if there are small punctures and cracks in them, one can easily buy a pool liner repair kit and get rid of the problem. (There are different vinyl repair kits available that can be utilized to repair the liners.) Now, if the pool liners can’t be repaired using a vinyl repair kit, replacing the liner is the only option you’re left with. The installation process is not really that difficult but is pretty time consuming. So, one can easily replace and install a new liner without calling any professional.


  • More important equipment that are needed are the pumps and the filters. Mostly, you get pumps and filter systems in the whole package when you purchase an above ground pool. The pumps are available in different sizes that depend on your pool’s capacity.


  • There are many different sources for the contaminants that can get inside your pool, for example from the body oils, hair, soap, dust, pollen, and the list goes on. Yes, one can reduce the amount but can’t get rid of these contaminants totally. So, you need to monitor the pool and add chlorine in the pool water to kill bacteria and these contaminants.


  • By adding chlorine in your pool water, it can result in cloudy water. To get rid of it, shock your pool.


  • The pool water should be tested to make sure the different chemical levels are in balance. Like the pH level or the calcium level.


  • Your pool must be cleaned frequently. There are different techniques for cleaning your pool. Use vacuums and other equipment to get rid of the debris from the pool. Also drain your pool water when needed.

Which Above Ground Pool is the Best one for you?


A swimming pool might not increase the value of your home, but rather in case you want that lawn chilling spot, an over the ground swimming pool costs very less than an in ground pool. To compare, you can save up to 80% if you go for an above ground pool instead of an in ground one. Not to forget, you will save cash on purchasing heavy tools and effort on digging your lawn, as well. Obviously, in the event that you choose modifications like designed liners, extravagant stairs, and decking, you could up the cost for your above ground pool to $15,000 or even more.

Basically there are 2 types of above ground pools available, ring and frame type.

  • Ring type Above ground Pool

The ring pools, otherwise called “float to fill,” are usually 12 feet in width and 3 feet high. They are made of high quality vinyl. The filled pool is carafe shaped, more extensive at the base than the top for more prominent steadiness.

A typical ring pool can hold up to 1,400 gallons of water which is pretty much enough to need chlorine tablets and a filter system. You can purchase one of these for $300, load it into the back of your car, and get it prepared for filling that very day. Numerous families consider this to be a modest approach to try things out on pool possession and maintenance. These pools are cheap as compared to the frame type pools.

  • Frame type Above ground Pool

The frame type above ground pool has a robust metal frame and an inside pool liner. These pools can stand for the whole year, in spite of the fact that it can be dismantled in a matter of hours. They are available in different sizes and shapes; the most famous one is a 24-foot round, which offers a lot of space.

These pools are quite expensive as compared to the ring type pools as they cost around $4,000. And obviously, if you add different modifications and items, the cost will go up. The installation of this pool depends on the size of it, you will need at least 3 to 5 days for the whole installing.

Safety and Care of pools

The frame type above ground pools need a large number of the similar working parts as in ground variants, for example, pumps and programmed pool cleaners. Different chemicals are needed, in little quantities. Be prepared for spending about 500 dollars a year for chlorine and other chemicals. People also need to make sure they follow the local rules and regulations. In a lot of jurisdictions, walls can be fixed at top of pool rather than fixing them on the perimeter of the yard.

An above ground pool is not really permanent so it doesn’t need any license and it doesn’t affect the price of the property. Remember, a lot of homeowners do not allow utilizing above ground pools and they are not considered best for diving either. Also, always notify the insurance company about your addition of above ground pool.